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How to add a new Drupal site (multisite)

How to add a new Drupal site (multisite)

new site=drupalen.net
name servers=ns1.drupalvaluehosting.com & ns1.drupalvaluehosting.com

(replace as necessary)

How to Upgrade Drupal

How to Upgrade Drupal
  1. Backup files - FTP client download /www/
  2. Backup DB - [phpMyadmin | Export ] Save Structure, Data and Save to File.
  3. set Offline mode - /admin/settings/site-maintenance
  4. revert to core theme - /admin/build/themes
  5. disable all non core modules - /admin/build/modules
  6. Remove old Drupal - Use filemanager to delete contents of /www/
  7. Install new Drupal - unpack tar and FTP to /www/
  8. Restore sites - use FTP to copy back sites/default/settings.php plus all multisites
  9. Run /update.php

configure cron

configure cron to run the drupal maintenance

To configure cron to run the drupal maintenance:-

  1. cPanel | Advanced tools | Cron Jobs | Standard(or Advanced)
  2. Command=/usr/bin/wget -O - -q -t 1 http://site/cron.php?cron_key=security-key
  • Where site is your site or each site in a Drupal multisite setup.
  • and security-key is the security string found on your Drupal 7+ Reports | Status report screen.
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