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Tyan Tiger MPX

Enable USB floppy drive FDD support on Tyan Tiger MPX

USB floppy disk drive FDD
  1. reboot and F2 into BIOS setup (may need to replace USB, RF or Bluetooth Keyboard with legacy PS2 keyboard)
  2. | Main | Legacy Diskette A & B: Disabled
  3. | Advanced | USB BIOS Legacy Support: Enabled (FDD will not show in BIOS screens until next boot!)
  4. F10 Save and Exit,
  5. To boot to USB floppy follow this extra step
  6. reboot and F2 into BIOS setup
  7. | Boot | use arrow and + keys to move Removable Devices | "USB FDD" to the top of the list
  8. F10 Save and Exit,

Replacement motherboard bios doesn't recognise upgraded CPU

Tyan Tiger MPX, bios chip

I recently had to replace my Tyan Tiger MPX motherboard after many years of faithful service, however I discovered that the new motherboard's old default bios would not recognise the upgraded CPUs now fitted and it would not boot. As it would not boot on the new CPU and because I no longer had the old CPU that was supported I now had no way to flash the BIOS to the newer version that does support my CPUs. I had "painted my self into a corner" and seemed to have no way out. I now thought I would have to junk two motherboards and two CPUs.

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