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David Newham

Why do you need a PRS for Music licence?

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David Newham Associates (DNA) - PRS for Music Consultants

What is PRS for Music?

PRS for Music (formerly the Performing Right Society or the Performing Rights Society as it is often incorrectly reffered to) is home to the world's best music writers, composers and publishers. Formed as The MCPS-PRS Alliance in 1997 with the PRS for Music brand adopted in 2009,  the organisation brings together two royalty collection societies; MCPS and PRS. Both organisations are ‘not for profit’ and only deduct a small administration/commission fee to cover operating costs.

PRS for Music exists to collect and pay royalties to our members when their music is exploited in one of a number of ways – when it is recorded onto any format and distributed to the public, performed or played in public, broadcast or made publicly available online.

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