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Get Epson Perfection 1650 working again in Windows 8

  1. First we need to disable Windows 8 unsigned driver check as described in this Microsoft forum. ie:-
    • Select Settings (right bar)/More PC Settings (at bottom)
    • Then go General/Advanced Startup/Restart Now/Troubleshoot/Advanced Options/Windows Startup Settings/Restart

DrayTek 2820n TFTP firmware problem

DrayTek 2820n router

I recently had a problem with a bad firmware update on my DrayTek 2820n router. For some reason the firmware re-flash didn't complete properly and the router could no longer be accessed via the browser web interface, even the DrayTek Firmware Upgrade utility and the TFTP programs did not seem to work. It turned out Windows 7 was blocking them and I had to turn off 'User Access/Account Control' (UAC). Here is how I did that:-

How to add a new Drupal site (multisite)

How to add a new Drupal site (multisite)

new site=drupalen.net
name servers=ns1.drupalvaluehosting.com & ns1.drupalvaluehosting.com

(replace as necessary)

How to Upgrade Drupal

How to Upgrade Drupal
  1. Backup files - FTP client download /www/
  2. Backup DB - [phpMyadmin | Export ] Save Structure, Data and Save to File.
  3. set Offline mode - /admin/settings/site-maintenance
  4. revert to core theme - /admin/build/themes
  5. disable all non core modules - /admin/build/modules
  6. Remove old Drupal - Use filemanager to delete contents of /www/
  7. Install new Drupal - unpack tar and FTP to /www/
  8. Restore sites - use FTP to copy back sites/default/settings.php plus all multisites
  9. Run /update.php

How to change 1&1 name servers

How to change 1&1 name servers

If you use Website Builder:

  1. select [ Websites & Applications | Website Builder | Settings ]
  2. Assigned domain = [--- none selected ---]
  3. click OK

To change DNS name servers:

  1. select [Domains | your domain | DNS | Edit DNS settings]
  2. Name Server=[My nameserver]
  3. Primary nameserver="ns1.drupalvaluehosting.com"
  4. Secondary Nameser=[My secondary namesever]
  5. Secondary nameserver="ns2.drupalvaluehosting.com"
  6. click OK

Netgear DG834 bridging mode

Netgear DG834 bridging mode
  1. Connect the computer to the DG834.
  2. Go to , use the username admin, password password if prompted.
  3. Swap to modem mode and apply.
  4. Log into the router setup page again via .
  5. In ADSL settings make sure you have LLC-Based, 8, 35. (going from the top) And apply.

configure cron

configure cron to run the drupal maintenance

To configure cron to run the drupal maintenance:-

  1. cPanel | Advanced tools | Cron Jobs | Standard(or Advanced)
  2. Command=/usr/bin/wget -O - -q -t 1 http://site/cron.php?cron_key=security-key
  • Where site is your site or each site in a Drupal multisite setup.
  • and security-key is the security string found on your Drupal 7+ Reports | Status report screen.
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