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Oops! Accidental copyright infringement.

In March 2011 I created a blog post about the Boiler Scrapage Scheme and to give it a bit of presence I did a quick Google Image search and grabbed an image of a man working on a central heating boiler that took my fancy. I don't remember where the image came from I just downloaded it from Google's results page and uploaded it my blog. Big mistake. Little did I know it was a licensable image. Well I wouldn't know, I didn't check, and that was my mistake. In November 2011 I received an email from Alamy who license the image on behalf of the owner asking me to pay it. As it was only for causal non-profit use I apologised and removed the image immediately hoping that would be the end of it. However, they wrote back to and explained that accidental use was still copyright infringement and I must pay a small fee for a license which I have now done. The moral of the story, be careful where you grab your images from, just because the site that you get it from doesn't say it is licensable doesn't mean that it is free. It's only fair that artist's are paid for their talent and work.