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fix Logitech diNovo bluetooth connection problem

Logitech bluetooth broadcom driver problem

Sometime when the Logitech usb bluetooth receiver is unplugged and plugged back in the blue tooth drivers get mixed up, there is contention between the Microsoft and Broadcom driver sets. The solution I found was:-

  1. In Device Manager, uninstall the bluetooth radio drivers
  2. Unplug the bluetooth receiver
  3. Re-install latest Logitech Setpoint, this will re-install the Broadcom bluetooth drivers
  4. With Setpoint open plug back in the bluetooth receiver
  5. Hopefully Setpoint should detect it before Windows and the Broardcom bluetooth drivers will be used.
  6. Run through the Setpoint Connection Wizard re-connect the keyboard and mouse etc.

The trick is not to reboot with the bluetooth radio plugged in as this will allow Windows to install the Microsoft drivers, I find the Broardcom driver set works better for me.