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Dualit coffee machine leaks

Dualit 889 espresso coffee machine

Dualit 889 espresso coffee machine brew heap gasket repair

The Problem:

Hot water bypasses the brew head gasket/seal and floods into the cup producing an extremely week cup of coffee.


The brew head gasket has developed a leak and/or the brew head has become clogged up.


Dualit has run out of spares for this model!

The solution:

  • Unplug, leave to cool, empty out the water and take out the drip tray.
  • Turn upside down and with a large flat blade screwdriver undo the brass screw that holds the perforated plate in place and remove both.
  • Carefully prise out the rubber seal.
  • Clean the perforated brew head plate and the rubber seal in clean warm water (best not to use chemicals!).
  • Carefully scrape away any coffee grounds that may have clogged up the underside of the brew head making sure there are not grounds left to prevent the rubber seal seating properly.
  • Place the clean rubber seal in a cup of boiling water and leave for five minuets to soften.
  • Pour away the water and without burning your fingers massage the rubber seal back into shape.
  • Replace parts in reverse order.
  • Enjoy a well earned cup of real coffee.

Hope this works for you

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