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Steve Masters on Facebook

Steve Masters on Facebook

Use Facebook to promote your website and use your website to promote your Facebook page.

Add your website to Facebook

Go to your Facebook Info page then Edit your Contact Information and add your website(s) URL's to Website. Facebook will add the http:// and make it into a proper clickable link and display it on your Info page.

Edit your Facebook Profile and make sure that in the About me you include Keywords that promote your website in Google searches.

Attach a Link to your website on your profile page, click Link, enter your website URL, i.e. http://www.cherryhill.co.uk, and get your Facebook Friends to comment on it, the more the better.

Go and get loads more Facebook Friends, Google loves a popular Profile.

Add your Facebook page to your Website

Make sure you set your Facebook Username, from your Facebook page, edit your Account Settings and change your Username. Choose your Facebook Username carefully, you can only change it once. Facebook will create a shortcut to your Page, (Mine is steve.masters.uk which creates the permanent URL http://www.facebook.com/steve.masters.uk).

You might like to create your own Facebook Badge, click Create your badge link on my Badge or follow the Add a badge to your site link in the bottom left of your Facebook page. Design your Badge then Copy the code to paste into your website or if I manage your site, email it to me to add.

You don't need a Facebook Badge, you can just add the URL in the normal way, i.e. http://www.facebook.com/caroline.lovett. Take every opportunity to use and promote your Facebook page by using your new Facebook Link where ever you can.

I can now be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/steve.masters.uk

Steve Masters
Steve Masters on Facebook
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