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Get Epson Perfection 1650 working again in Windows 8

  1. First we need to disable Windows 8 unsigned driver check as described in this Microsoft forum. ie:-
    • Select Settings (right bar)/More PC Settings (at bottom)
    • Then go General/Advanced Startup/Restart Now/Troubleshoot/Advanced Options/Windows Startup Settings/Restart

John Love - Faith

John Love - Faith

John Love spent most of his working life in the music industry. He was Managing Director of PPL...

Practically Slim Enfield and Barnet

Heather Newham

Heather Newham is now the Practically Slim counsellor for Enfield and Barnet.

Barnet Judo

Barnetjudo, Barnet, North London

Barnet Judo has been teaching and coaching Judo for many years in Barnet, North London...

Oops! Accidental copyright infringement.

In March 2011 I created a blog post about the Boiler Scrapage Scheme and to give it a bit of presence I did a quick Google Image search and grabbed an image of a man working on a central heating boiler that took my fancy. I don't remember where the image came from I just downloaded it from Google's results page and uploaded it my blog. Big mistake. Little did I know it was a licensable image. Well I wouldn't know, I didn't check, and that was my mistake. In November 2011 I received an email from Alamy who license the image on behalf of the owner asking me to pay it.

Dualit coffee machine leaks

Dualit 889 espresso coffee machine

Dualit 889 espresso coffee machine brew heap gasket repair

The Problem:

Hot water bypasses the brew head gasket/seal and floods into the cup producing an extremely week cup of coffee.


The brew head gasket has developed a leak and/or the brew head has become clogged up.


Dualit has run out of spares for this model!


my Taichi

my taichi tree

Browse my Taichi tree as an .svg page.

Hertfordshire (Herts) based businesses

Hertfordshire (Herts)

Lovett Pilates run fitness classes in Herts and Hertfordshire.
Heather Newham - Lighterlife Enfield run weight loss classes in Herts and Hertfordshire.

DrayTek 2820n TFTP firmware problem

DrayTek 2820n router

I recently had a problem with a bad firmware update on my DrayTek 2820n router. For some reason the firmware re-flash didn't complete properly and the router could no longer be accessed via the browser web interface, even the DrayTek Firmware Upgrade utility and the TFTP programs did not seem to work. It turned out Windows 7 was blocking them and I had to turn off 'User Access/Account Control' (UAC). Here is how I did that:-


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